PBS Reno Debuts in Northern Nevada

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PBS Reno Debuts in Northern Nevada

RENO, NV (NOV 4, 2019) – KNPB announced today a new name, new look, and new brand. After serving the viewers of northern and central Nevada and northeastern California as KNPB Public Television for more than 35 years, the new name PBS Reno marks a new identity for audiences across all platforms.

“This new brand is the result of the many changes our industry has faced,” said Kurt Mische, PBS Reno President and CEO. “We’re no longer in a world that has only four channels. Today, there are countless options across numerous platforms. PBS Reno makes it very easy to find us and remember us. I think this is very good for the present and an excellent strategy for the future.”

This exciting new look and feel will span across broadcast, mobile and digital, making it easier for our audience to identify PBS and PBS Reno no matter how they access content.

The launch of PBS Reno coincides with major changes at PBS at the national level.

“PBS has rebranded in association with its 50th anniversary, and as part of its rebrand, we were thrilled to revamp our own mark and expand our own services to this community,” said Megan Myers, PBS Reno Vice President of Content and Marketing. “While we have a fresh look and content, one thing remains the same: our commitment to bring this community excellent and enriching content on all platforms.”


About PBS

Reno PBS Reno is seen by more than 115,000 people weekly in northern and central Nevada and northeastern California with additional viewership on multicast channels Reno Create and PBS KIDS Reno. PBS Reno channels are also available on cable and satellite services. PBS Reno provides PBS national programming and award-winning, locally-produced content. PBSReno.org provides engaging interactive content, including the video portal at watch.PBSReno.org that streams all locally-produced content and most PBS national content. PBS Reno serves students, teachers, parents and caregivers through immersive educational services including Ready To Learn Workshops that bring classroom lessons to life. Through the support of local corporations and foundations, as well as individual members, PBS Reno has been delivering public television and educational services to the communities it serves since 1983.




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