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PBS Reno for Families Provides Curated Resources for at-home Learning

RENO, NV (Oct. 12, 2020) – PBS Reno is continuing to grow its library of free, online resources for parents, caregivers and teachers. PBS Reno for Families is the newest installation! This new online landing page is the result of a partnership between PBS Reno and Washoe County School District’s Parent University. It provides a curated collection of information relating to health and safety, nature, the outdoors, libraries and learning, and family fun.

This website is designed for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and teachers who share similar goals of providing a strong educational foundation for the children within their families.

“PBS Reno for Families is designed to be a virtual meeting place for the entire PBS Reno Community,” said Nancy Maldonado, PBS Reno Vice President of Education. “It’s a place where all families can find the information, activities and learning tools they want and need. We expect teachers, parents, caregivers and kids will frequently access this new web page.”

In Spring 2020, PBS Reno launched Camp Curiosity, a free at-home “camp” designed to help meet the needs tied to digital home-based learning, resulting largely in part to the COVID-19 pandemic. Camp Curiosity offers free and easy-to-access learning resources tied to state curriculum standards related to trusted and award-winning programs including NOVA and Nature. PBS Reno for Families is complementary to Camp Curiosity.

Washoe County School District’s Parent University (Parent U) offers hundreds of free workshops to adults each year. PBS Reno for Families aligns perfectly with Parent U’s mission.

“Parent U believes in supporting any adult in Northern Nevada that can have an impact on a child’s education,” said Maria Fernandez, Parent University Coordinator for Washoe County School District. “This new partnership with PBS Reno would help extend our reach to different communities in our area to have information more accessible for our families. We are really excited to have this opportunity to evolve and adapt to our new normal and provide families with digital access to resources.”

“Our educational work focuses on life-long learning for people of all ages,” said Kurt Mische, PBS Reno President and CEO. “Our PBS Reno for Families page allows families to find, with one click, resources they can use and links to partner organizations, like the Washoe County School District. We believe families who learn together grow together and achieve more across their lives.”

About PBS Reno

As of January 2020, PBS Reno is watched by more than 122,000 people and more than 79,000 households weekly in northern and central Nevada and northeastern California, with additional viewership on multicast channels Reno Create and PBS KIDS Reno. PBS Reno channels are also available on cable, satellite services, and via livestream on YouTube TV. provides engaging interactive content, including the video portal at that streams all locally-produced content and most PBS national content. PBS Reno serves students, teachers, parents and caregivers through immersive educational services including Ready To Learn Workshops that bring classroom lessons to life. Through the support of local corporations and foundations, as well as individual members, PBS Reno has been delivering public television and educational services to the communities it serves since 1983.

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