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PBS Reno’s Lead Creative Designer to Join PBS Digital Immersion Program


Christina Le, PBS Reno Lead Creative Designer
Christina Le, PBS Reno Lead Creative Designer

RENO, NV (Dec. 13, 2021) — PBS Reno’s Lead Creative Designer, Christina Le, has been selected to participate in the 2022 Digital Immersion Program offered by PBS. Le is one of 15 PBS professionals across the nation who will receive a scholarship to attend the 10-month Digital Immersion Program, which begins Monday, January 10, 2022.

Le and her fellow participants will work closely with PBS, Digital Immersion peers, and content experts to achieve a station-specific digital goal. The Digital Immersion curriculum covers four main topic areas as each relates to digital: content & strategy, organization & culture, data & metrics, and social media, marketing & engagement.

“I am looking forward to this opportunity,” said Le. “I want to use what I learn to create a digital first series for PBS Reno, and more digital-focused content in general. I also want to further understand our audience with the use of data and metrics.”

As participants progress through topics, they are encouraged to, with the support of the Digital Immersion Community, take the lessons learned and the resources provided back to their stations in order to help their station execute digital strategies. Upon completion of the program, participants will have new resources, tools, and knowledge to grow digital tactics and projects at their stations.

“Christina is a highly valued member of the PBS Reno Art and Digital Marketing team, bringing her talents and insights to our work in her role as the Lead Creative Designer,” said Chris Orr, PBS Reno Director of Art and Digital Marketing. “I think Christina is an excellent choice for the PBS Digital Immersion project. It will give her the chance to broaden her digital experience and involvement within the PBS system.”

About PBS Reno

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About PBS Digital Immersion

Digital Immersion, which began in 2017, was developed by PBS Digital with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It is a professional development opportunity for station personnel that mixes in-depth virtual trainings, immersive experiences, hands-on workshops, and collaborative mentorship to improve overall expertise in digital strategies and tactics. Digital Immersion is founded on three core values and through the curriculum, exercises, and immersive experiences participants complete the program with the tools to Simplify, Communicate, and Collaborate.

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