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Support PBS Reno During Public Media Giving Days 

Inaugural Public Media Giving Days are happening May 1 and 2



RENO, NV (May 1, 2023)What does PBS Reno mean to you, your family, friends, and community? Whether it’s the award-earning programming or the educational outreach in local classrooms, today is your chance to join others and show your support for PBS Reno during Public Media Giving Days. 

The inaugural Public Media Giving Days are taking place May 1 and May 2, 2023. You are invited to share what public media means to you in several ways to support PBS Reno and other entities in the public media system.

First, share a message on social media with the hashtag #PublicMediaGives. Next, make a financial contribution in any amount by calling/texting 775.600.0550 or by visiting Another easy way to give? Use your cellphone’s camera to scan this QR code:

Financial contributions make up 82% of PBS Reno’s annual budget, which is why gifts of support from individuals in PBS Reno’s viewing area (northern and central Nevada and northeastern California) are so important to keeping PBS Reno on the air with meaningful programming for everyone to enjoy. As PBS Reno donor Ginnie Kersey of Reno recently said, “PBS Reno is way too valuable to lose.”

“Our donors here in this community are some of the most passionate and driven people I have ever met,” said Sam Harris, PBS Reno Director of Membership. “For Public Media Giving Days this year, please be an advocate in our community and inspire your friends, neighbors, and family to financially support PBS Reno. By doing so you play an active role in keeping programs like Wild Nevada, ARTEFFECTS, NOVA, and Nature on the air and you aid in enriching the lives of children and families who participate in Curiosity Classroom workshops and the PBS Reno Writers Contest. It’s your generosity that allows us to continue providing these programs and services.”

“PBS Reno and our members love our unique, welcoming community and when we all do our part to help it thrive, we inspire others to do so as well,” said Holly Hutchinson, PBS Reno Development Coordinator. “By supporting PBS Reno during Public Media Giving Days, you are personally making a difference in the lives of those around you. You allow remarkable voices such as those featured in our new podcast, Refugee’s Daughter, to be heard. You are part of what makes this community special!”

Click here to see History of Public Media infographic.


About PBS Reno

As of February 2023, PBS Reno Channel 5.1 is watched weekly by more than 98,377 people in approximately 67,400 households in northern and central Nevada and northeastern California, with viewership on multicast channels Reno Create 5.2 and PBS KIDS Reno 5.3. PBS Reno channels are also available on cable, satellite services, and via livestream on YouTube TV. PBS Reno provides PBS national programming and award-earning, locally-produced content, with many local segments posted weekly to PBS Reno’s YouTube Channel. provides engaging interactive content, including the video portal at that streams all locally-produced content and most PBS national content. PBS Reno serves students, teachers, parents and caregivers through immersive educational services including Curiosity Classroom Workshops that bring classroom lessons to life with standards-based lessons and activities. Through the support of local corporations and foundations, as well as thousands of individual members, PBS Reno has been delivering public television and educational services to the communities it serves since 1983.

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