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PBS Reno’s ARTEFFECTS Reaches 80 Segments Distributed Nationwide

RENO, NV (Mar. 25, 2021) –PBS Reno is thrilled to announce a milestone for its award-winning local production, ARTEFFECTS. PBS Reno has learned that 80 local segments from the series have been selected for national distribution by Major Market Group (MMG); a WNET-based initiative that distributes these stories for air to participating PBS member stations around the nation.

“Our ARTEFFECTS series has been a juggernaut,” said Kurt Mische, PBS Reno President and CEO. “Our vibrant local arts scene is thrilled to have the opportunity to show what they do on our air and considering that 80 of our segments have been distributed nationally is icing on the cake. These nationally-seen segments help us contribute to cultural tourism and our region’s economic development.”

PBS Reno debuted ARTEFFECTS in 2016 and each week, the series features a minimum of one local artist or arts organization. Each episode also features artists from around the nation whose stories were produced by participating stations of MMG.

On Monday, March 22, 2021, MMG selected the PBS Reno segment featuring 2019 Artown Poster artists Rachael and Debbie Lambin for distribution, marking the 80th segment designated for audiences around the country. The average number of segments picked up per station so far this season is six. PBS Reno segments have been selected 21 times, resulting in a rich, continued exposure of northern Nevada to other regions.

“Being a part of the ARTEFFECTS team since day one of production has been one of the most rewarding ventures of my life,” said Martin Szillat, PBS Reno Content Creator. “I’m extremely proud of my team to have our 80th ARTEFFECTS segment be picked up nationally, and this extraordinary milestone is a testament to the high levels of creative growth and collaboration in which we produce this show. This national recognition sheds light on the important work that we do here at PBS Reno, by providing a national stage for our local artists to showcase their work alongside other artists from around the country, and it highlights the thriving arts and culture scene here in Reno and throughout our region.”

ARTEFFECTS is produced by PBS Reno and a trio of content creators: Martin Szillat, Rebecca Cronon and Guinivere Clark.  Each producer brings a unique perspective and professional background to the table, resulting in a rich production of storytelling featuring a variety of artists, crafts, and arts organizations making a positive impact in northern Nevada and surrounding areas. The program is hosted by Beth Macmillan, the Executive Director of Artown. Learn more about ARTEFFECTS and its team of producers by clicking here.

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