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PBS Reno’s Camp Curiosity Meets Demand for Digital Home-Based Education

RENO, NV (MAR 20, 2020) – With more and more parents looking to educate their children at home during lengthy school closures, PBS Reno has launched Camp Curiosity, a free at-home “camp” to help meet the demand for trusted educational online resources, bringing the world to the fingertips of kids across central and northern Nevada and northeastern California. School closures no longer mean quarantine for local kids – they’re a free ticket to PBS Reno’s Camp Curiosity!

Camp Curiosity provides lesson plans, projects, games and videos that are connected to PBS Reno’s on-air programs – including Curious George, Wild Kratts, Cat in the Hat, and Wild Nevada – all free of charge. Also featured are interactive contests and chances for children to appear on television.

PBS Reno is partnering with Washoe County School District to promote distance education activities that tie to PBS Reno content on-air and online.

“Education and public service are at the core of what PBS Reno is,” said Kurt Mische, PBS Reno President and CEO. “We’re excited to remind students, parents, caregivers and teachers about the tremendous, commercial-free and free to access on-air content and off-air education resources available, all a part of Camp Curiosity. Everyone can explore their curiosity through the award-winning programs and services that are available only through public television.”

Parents, caregivers and educators can learn more at call the Camp Curiosity hotline at (775) 600-0537.

PBS Reno understands it can be a scary time for families as normal routines are disrupted due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Making sure children learn in a safe and fun environment online can be difficult. Camp Curiosity supports parents and caregivers with easy-to-access learning resources that can be used at home and make happy campers of our region’s children.

“PBS Reno is always looking for ways in which we can share our great educational resources with our community,” said Nancy Maldonado, PBS Reno Vice President of Education. “During this time of school closures, it’s even more important that we engage our kids and families with rich, interactive, and fun educational resources that are trustworthy, entertaining, and easy to access at home.”

About PBS Reno

As of January 2020, PBS Reno is watched by more than 122,000 people and more than 79,000 households weekly in central and northern Nevada and northeastern California, with additional viewership on multicast channels Reno Create and PBS KIDS Reno. PBS Reno channels are also available on cable, satellite services, and via livestream on YouTube TV. PBS Reno provides PBS national programming and award-winning, locally-produced content. provides engaging interactive content, including the video portal at watch.PBSReno.orgthat streams all locally-produced content and most PBS national content. PBS Reno serves students, teachers, parents and caregivers through immersive educational services including Ready To Learn Workshops that bring classroom lessons to life. Through the support of local corporations and foundations, as well as individual members, PBS Reno has been delivering public television and educational services to the communities it serves since 1983.


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