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PBS Reno’s Ready To Learn Workshops Make a Positive Impact for Student Learning
University of Nevada, Reno completes assessment of STEM-based workshops with proven results

RENO, NV (MAY 18, 2020) – The University of Nevada, Reno has completed an assessment of PBS Reno’s Ready To Learn workshops, and the results are in – PBS Reno’s Ready To Learn workshops lead to stronger learning outcomes in the classroom.

An Extension program by the University’s College of Education and Extension conducted a study involving fourth-grade students from three schools. The study consisted of one experimental group of students who attended a Ready To Learn workshop from PBS Reno, and one control group of students who did not attend a workshop.

Six STEM-based lessons were presented to each class in the experimental group. Results show the Ready To Learn workshop – along with teacher presentations – led to stronger learning outcomes than those attained by classrooms that did not have the workshops. An engaging video clip, a read aloud, and fun hands-on activities are integrated into each workshop. Lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and Social Studies Standards.

“Conducting this assessment in cooperation with the University’s College of Education and Extension was a positive experience for all involved,” said Nancy Maldonado, PBS Reno Vice President of Education. “For a first attempt at this type of valuable data, we did very well in gathering the information we needed without disrupting the daily schedules of the teachers and students in their classrooms. The rich value of the information collected is still being examined and studied.”

“Extension is committed to building strong partnerships with state and community stakeholders,” said Brenda Freeman, Counseling and Educational Psychology Professor and Extension Specialist at the University of Nevada, Reno. “The collaboration with PBS Reno is one such partnership. Their dedication to delving into a deep level of understanding of the impact of their programs was impressive. It has been a privilege to collaborate with them on this STEM program evaluation.”

“By researching effective approaches to STEM delivery for community youth, we continue to make an impact on shaping the future and transforming lives through quality education,”

said Kevin Carman, University of Nevada, Reno, Executive Vice President and Provost.

A Ready To Learn workshop from PBS Reno is free and is specifically developed for pre-K through fourth-grade students for educators and community educational organizations. All materials are supplied, and a trained facilitator will lead the 45- to 60-minute workshop. To learn more, click here.

About PBS Reno

As of January 2020, PBS Reno is watched by more than 122,000 people and more than 79,000 households weekly in central and northern Nevada and northeastern California, with additional viewership on multicast channels Reno Create and PBS KIDS Reno. PBS Reno channels are also available on cable, satellite services, and via livestream on YouTube TV. PBS Reno provides PBS national programming and award-winning, locally-produced content. provides engaging interactive content, including the video portal that streams all locally-produced content and most PBS national content. PBS Reno serves students, teachers, parents and caregivers through immersive educational services including Ready To Learn Workshops that bring classroom lessons to life. In March 2020, PBS Reno launched Camp Curiosity to supplement home-based learning with lessons and activities that align with state standards. Through the support of local corporations and foundations, as well as individual members, PBS Reno has been delivering public television and educational services to the communities it serves since 1983.

About Extension

Extension is a unit of the University of Nevada, Reno’s College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources engaged in Nevada communities, presenting research-based knowledge to address critical community needs. It is a county-state-federal partnership providing practical education to people, businesses and communities. For more information on its programs, visit


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