How to locate PBS Reno's Broadcast Services
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In Reno/Sparks you are watching on:Channel #
Over-the-air Broadcast/AntennaChannel 5.1
Charter CommunicationsChannel 5 and 785
Direct TVChannel 5
VCRChannel 5
USA MediaChannel 15
Dish NetworkChannel 9006
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In much of the country, a television station has a single transmitter that broadcasts to its entire audience. But in mountainous or sparsely populated areas, a television station usually cannot cover its entire coverage area with just one signal. This is where translators come in. A translator is a miniature television transmitter that supplies a television station's signal to an area that the television station otherwise couldn't cover. In most cases, the translator will be on a different channel than that of the television station which it is carrying. Check with your provider for more information...

Channel ID:Channel #:Translator Location:
K15AL-D15Winnemucca, Nevada
K29ES-D29Carson City, Nevada
K36OB-D36Verdi, Nevada
K31BM-D31Silver Springs, Nevada
K33PY-D33Round Mountain/Hadley, Nevada
K15EE-D15Elko, Nevada
K34KK-D34Litchfield, California
K36HH-D36Susanville, California
K18DP-D18Lovelock, Nevada
K23FC-D23Elko, Nevada
K16FV-D16Ryndon, Nevada
K19LS-D19Walker Lake, Nevada
K15LG-D15Hawthorne, Nevada
K25PU-D25Mina Lunning, Nevada
K30PB-D30Schurz, Nevada
K35OS-D35Austin, Nevada
K22LE-D22Cedarville, California
K19IU-D19Battle Mountain, Nevada
K47DG-D47Eureka, Nevada
K25IW-D25Golconda, Nevada
K20JQ-D20Wells, Nevada
K33DP33Carlin, Nevada
KNPB33Genoa, Nevada
KNPB22Truckee/ South Lake Tahoe, CA
K19IM-D19Duckwater, Nevada
K18JG-D18Beowawe, Nevada
K23KV-D23Austin, Nevada
K33PY-D33Round Mountain/ Smoky Valley, NV

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