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PBS Reno Broadcast and Service Notices:

K18DP-D Ch18 Lovelock
Channel 18 is currently off the air due to microwave related problems and estimated time of repair is 2 to 3 weeks.PBS Reno is available to live stream online at -- Posted January 11, 2021

Verdi K36OB-D
Channel 36 in Verdi has signed off the air. This channel is run and managed by the Verdi TV District and all concerns and inquiries should be forwarded to the Verdi TV District at (775) 440-1235. -- Posted October 5, 2020

Closed Caption services are available on our PBS Reno, PBS KIDS Reno and Create channels. If you have questions about our captioning services, contact us

Funding for Closed Caption services on PBS Reno are provided locally through a generous grant from the William N. Pennington Foundation.

Watch PBS Video

During repairs or available anytime, many of PBS and PBS Reno programs can be streamed online and with the PBS Video App.