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PBS Reno Curiosity Classroom

As part of PBS Reno Education Services, we offer free STEM, literacy-based workshops specifically developed for PreK through 4th grade classrooms.

For Teachers

PBS Reno and PBS have free, standards-aligned resources for all teachers that utilizes high-quality content to help transform learning.

PBS Reno Camp Curiosity

Whether you're looking for music and dance activities, science experiments, or family-friendly adventures, you can find media and activities with Camp Curiosity. 

For Families

Explore a curated collection of resources to help you educate and engage your family. Find parenting tips, hands-on activities, games and information to help raise curious and resilient children.

PBS Reno STEM Works

Bringing science, technology, engineering, art and math professionals into the classroom to show students how they can prepare for a STEM career.

PBS Reno Writers Contest

A local contest designed to promote the advancement of literacy skills through hands-on learning with children in grades K-3 submitting original stories.

For more information about our Education Services and PBS Reno Curiosity Classroom, contact 775-600-0551 or