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STEM Works

PBS Reno STEM Works digital shorts are a fun, fresh look at careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Entertaining and informative for kids of all ages — digital shorts are a great tool to teach about STEM careers and opportunities. When using the videos and the companion materials in the classroom, educators can participate in the PBS Reno STEM Works Classroom Use Incentives  to earn free STEM Works notebooks for your students!

PBS Reno STEM Works Notebooks

PBS Reno STEM Works | Video Collection

2022 Season

2021 Season

PBS Reno STEM Works | Classroom Use Incentives

By participating in the PBS Reno STEM Works Incentive program and completing the Classroom Use form, you are helping PBS Reno with data that tracks video views and supports the creation of more digital materials. After scheduling/viewing 6 different videos for classroom use, the teacher and students will receive a STEM Works sponsor-branded notebook.

STEM Works in the classroom

For more information PBS Reno STEM Works, please contact Nancy Maldonado, Vice President of PBS Reno Education Services at or 775.600.0558.