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PBS Reno STEM Works | Carson Tahoe Health

PBS Reno STEM WorksCarson Tahoe Health

This episode explores how lives are saved at hospitals through surgery and the use of data. At Carson Tahoe Health, cardiologist Dr. Nathan Ho, general surgeon Dr. Tim King, and quality control nurse Taryn Peirce talk about what it takes to prevent patient harm and heal peoples injuries.


STEM — STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. It represents an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to gathering hands-on experience and applying “real-world” knowledge. People who work in STEM fields use knowledge in science, engineering, technology, or math to understand the world around us and to solve problems.

Cardiologist — A heart doctor.

Hernia — A condition when organs such as intestines stick out through weak muscle.

Pneumonia — A potentially deadly disease caused by bacterial infection and inflammation in the lungs.

Stent — A tubular support placed temporarily inside a blood vessel, canal, or duct to aid healing
or relieve an obstruction and help blood flow.

Heart attack — A heart attack is a medical emergency where a blood clot blocks blood flow to
the heart and the heart tissue and the patient dies.

Anesthesiologist — A doctor who has special training in giving drugs or other agents to prevent
or relieve pain during surgery or other medical procedures.

Telemetry — Telemetry is a way of monitoring your heart while you are in the hospital to keep
track of a patient’s heartbeats and any possible problems with the beating of the heart.

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