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PBS Reno's First Digital Food Series


FoodNotes* is a digital food series that highlights the cultural culinary facets and identities that exist in our region. Our co-hosts visit a variety of establishments across northern Nevada to dive into a specific culture or topic. The name FoodNotes* is a play on words off of “footnotes”. As the hosts and guests explore the topic, words or phrases will be used in the conversation that the audience may not know about. This is an opportunity for a “FoodNote”, a visual footnote that explains the meaning and importance behind that word or phrase. This show not only teaches the audience about food and cultures, but also highlights and features our region’s restaurants and their food. The series will be available via PBS Reno’s YouTube Channel and, with additional airtimes on broadcast after premiering online.

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A Kamayan Feast at Wok & Roll

In this episode of FoodNotes* we enjoy a Kamayan Feast with our friends at Wok & Roll.


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Meet The Hosts


FoodNotes* is hosted by Christina Le and Enrique Sandoval. Christina’s family comes from Vietnam and China, while Enrique’s family is from Guadalajara, Mexico. They both draw from their own unique stories and influences to convey passion and interest for multicultural dishes. 

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