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ART VIEWS Feature | June 14, 2024

Chuck Reider

My Fifty-Year Love Affair with Latin Music

While going to college in San Francisco during the seventies, as a musician, the cultural diversity of the city introduced me to a wealth of music styles I would not have experienced otherwise. Back then, I would take my trombone to church to perform at a morning service...

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June 7, 2024


Summer is a Time for the Arts in Our Community

It is June and our community is already bubbling with exciting summer arts events! Sierra Nevada Ballet (SNB) kicked off the month with the free Grand Opening Performance of the Northern Nevada Performing Arts Collective (NNPAC)...

May 31, 2024

Steve Trounday

Shining a Light on Ballet

I’m sure almost every seasoned movie star in Hollywood knows the importance of good lighting. The more seasoned they are the more critical the lighting becomes...

May 24, 2024

Scott Faulkner

Ruth Lenz

Ruth Lenz is many things to many people. To most folks in northern Nevada, and the greater musical world, she is a violinist par excellence. About this there is no question...

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