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ART VIEWS Features in July 2022

July 29, 2022

Scott Faulkner

Greetings from New York City!

Greetings from The Juilliard School in New York City! For the last decade, I have had the honor of being on the faculty of the League of American Orchestras’ Essentials of Orchestra Management seminar...

July 25, 2022

Chuck Reider

Hotter Than July

I don’t think the Reno Jazz Orchestra (RJO) could have picked a better program name featuring the music of Tina Turner and Stevie Wonder. Join us at Wingfield Park July 30th at 7:30pm for our Artown performance...

July 15, 2022

July 8, 2022

steve trounday

Vortex, the Ballet That Rocks 2022

With “Vortex,” Van Alstyne likes to shake things up a little and does something that is a little unconventional. He choreographs an exciting contemporary ballet that’s like no other...

July 1, 2022

Scott Faulkner

H. Elizabeth Lenz

“Elizabeth Lenz was, simply, astonishing. The greatest of the Greatest Generation, and a foundation upon which much of our community has been built. Her legacy and memory will last a very long time...”

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