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The PBS Reno Community Advisory Board meetings are held at the PBS Reno offices at 1670 N. Virginia Street in Reno, Nevada. The next meeting will be January 20, 2021 at 4:30 PM.

Meetings will be held on January 20, April 21, July 21 and October 21 at 4:30 PM.

Have a program that you want to discuss with the PBS Reno Community Advisory Board? Make a Programming Suggestion.

PBS Reno Community Advisory Board Members:

  • Chair: Jessi LeMay
  • Adriana Marin-Herrera
  • Britt Curtis
  • Colin Loretz
  • Donna Margerum
  • Erin Anderson
  • Gene Gardella
  • Jo Mutz
  • Josh Larson
  • Kaleb Temple
  • Kendall Nolan
  • Lone Webb
  • Bob Webb
  • Nettie Oliverio
  • Priscilla Mills
  • Tiffany Rose Bodger

Nevada Humanities

Funding to support our organization has been provided by Nevada Humanities through Congress and the National Endowment for the Humanities as part of the CARES Act economic stabilization plan of 2020.
PBS Reno Local Shows
  • THE WORK OF ART | Reno Phil
  • Poetry Out Loud
  • THE WORK OF ART | Nevada Museum of Art
  • THE WORK OF ART | Jeff Ross