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Episode 724

Featuring a Memorial Day compilation showcasing the arts and our fallen heroes.


Delves into the local arts scene while encompassing art features from across the nation. A play on the word "artifact" that emphasizes, not only the positive intended and unintended "effects" the arts have in our daily environments, region, and world - but also the long-term and lasting impact the arts have in helping define and describe our culture, community, nation, and world.

Upcoming Episodes

Eye of Rie| Airs April 21
Celebrate the American West with one-of-a-kind tintype photographs by Rie Lunde.

Braighlee Rainey| Airs April 28
Meet Braighlee, a painter who creates feminine abstract-realism portraits.

The Sugared Squirrel| Airs May 5
Roberta Cota-Montgomery of Gardnerville creates gorgeous custom cookies that taste just as sweet as they look!

Around the Nation| Airs May 12
Enjoy some of the most popular Arteffects segments featuring local artists.

Upside Down Land| Airs May 19
Housed at the Potentialist Workshop in Reno, Upside Down Land is an immersive art installation filled with bright colors, dreamy landscapes, and endless wonder.

Memorial Day Compilation| Airs May 26
Honor America’s service members and learn about local veterans who are remembered in special and artistic ways.

Brewery Arts Center| Airs June 16
Free, live music helps to shape the tight-knit community of Nevada’s capital city. 

Grace Hayes| Airs June 23
Meet this Reno-based singer, songwriter and actress who uses her musical talents, including her sweet yet soulful voice, to teach young artists in our community.

Indoor Percussion/Winter Guard| Airs June 30
Discover the artistry behind Indoor Percussion and Winter Guard performances from students at McQueen High School in Reno.

Meet The Producers

ARTEFFECTS is produced by Rebecca Cronon and Guinivere Clark. 

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Meet The Host

ARTEFFECTS is hosted by Beth Macmillan from Reno’s Artown Festival. 

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