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Every day, we wake up looking for connections. Whether it’s seeking refuge in the company of family and friends, exploring our wonderful state and community events, or even turning on your television, we all take comfort in connecting with the world around us. Like you, PBS Reno recognizes how important those connections can be.

We are proud to introduce the PBS Reno Insiders Club! The Insiders Club aims to connect resources, programs, and community events to our members who donate at least $365 per year, or $1 a day.

Support the services and programs PBS Reno brings to our community by donating at least $365 per year, or $1 a day!

Sustainer-Monthly Giving

PBS Reno Sustaining Membership is a better way to give! Sustaining Members give through an automatic ongoing monthly donation, so no more reminders or renewal mail!

PBS Reno Events

Through your support and involvement with PBS Reno you have the opportunity to join other like-minded supporters of public television at our wonderful state and community events.

Annual Membership

Make a donation annually and maintain your PBS Reno membership. PBS Reno will send a reminder and renewal notices so you don't miss out on engaging member benefits.

Member Benefits

Membership Gifts

With your annual financial donation to PBS Reno you may select a thank you gift.  Sustaining members may also opt to select a new thank you gift each year.

PBS Reno Passport

Enjoy on-demand access to your favorite PBS shows including Masterpiece, NOVA, Nature, PBS Reno local content and much more.


Questions about your membership or PBS Reno?

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