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PBS Reno STEM Works | Nevada Air National Guard

PBS Reno STEM WorksNevada Air National Guard

STEM Careers the United Sates Air Force and the Nevada Air National Guard have to offer


STEM — STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. It represents an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to gathering hands-on experience and applying “real-world” knowledge. People who work in STEM fields use knowledge in science, engineering, technology, or math to understand the world around us and to solve problems.

TechnicianOne whose occupation requires training in a specific technical process.

PersonnelThe people employed by or active in an organization, business, or service.

AirmenAn enlisted rank in the US Air Force that is above airman basic and below airman first class.

PersonnelistA colloquial name given to any person who administrates the field of personnel management.

RecruiterOne who recruits, particularly one employed to recruit others.

The HERCA.K.A The Mighty Herc, or Mighty Hercules is a nickname used to describe the C130 cargo airplane used by the United States Air Force.

Deploy To send soldiers, equipment, or resources to a particular place for a specific mission or operation whether it's for protecting a certain area, responding to a crisis, or carrying out important assignments.

Serve To fulfill duties to protect and defend the country. Serving in the military involves following orders, training, and being ready to respond to various situations to keep the country secure.

Enlist When you enlist, you commit to serving in the military, undergoing training, and following the rules and responsibilities that come with being a part of the armed forces.

Pilot A military pilot is a specially trained person who operates aircraft like airplanes or helicopters for the military. Pilots are trained to carry out important missions, whether it's flying into action during a conflict, conducting reconnaissance, or transporting troops and supplies.

Drops Releasing supplies or equipment from an airplane in flight. Military airplanes can drop things like food, medical supplies, or even parachuting soldiers into specific locations.

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