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PBS Reno STEM Works | Western Nevada College

PBS Reno STEM WorksWestern Nevada College

What it's like at Western Nevada College and how important the skills they teach are.


STEM — STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. It represents an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to gathering hands-on experience and applying “real-world” knowledge. People who work in STEM fields use knowledge in science, engineering, technology, or math to understand the world around us and to solve problems.

Physical AttributesThe defining traits or features of someone’s body.

ObservatoryA building housing a telescope or other scientific equipment for studying nature.

Industrial TechnologyThe use of engineering and technology to make production faster and simpler.

WeldingJoining together pieces of metal by heating them until they melt.

TechnicianA person who looks after or works with technical equipment.

AutomationThe use of automatic equipment in a system of manufacturing.

LectureAn educational talk to an audience.

PneumaticsA branch of engineering that makes use of gas or pressurized air.

HydraulicsThe branch of science and technology concerned with the use of liquids.

Relay Control LogicA simple way of creating electrical circuits that perform specific functions, such as switching, timing, and counting.

MachinistA person who operates machine tools.

Entry-LevelA job that doesn’t require any previous experience in a field.

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