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PBS Reno Camp Curiosity is extending the learning fun this summer with new contest challenges to engage young learners and their families! Find out more about the different contests and find inspiration right here to join in the fun and enter to win great prizes from PBS Reno Kids Club and our community partners.


The Contests | Summer 2021


Entries accepted from May 17 to May 28, 2021

Contest and prize sponsored by Boy Scouts of America: Nevada Area Council

It's time to dance, take a walk, explore a sport, or find another way to get moving! Explore some ideas about ways to get moving with the PBS Reno Camp Curiosity collection of PBS KIDS activities below and start creating your entry. MORE >


Entries accepted from May 31 to June 11, 2021

Contest and prize sponsored by Boy Scouts of America: Nevada Area Council

Honoring each family's unique traditions is important! A tradition is a pattern of behavior that reflects and reinforces a family’s values, attitudes, or beliefs.Family traditions can be daily, weekly, monthly, or reserved for special days of the year. MORE >


Entries accepted from June 14 to June 25, 2021

Prize sponsored by Tahoe Summer Camps

It’s a good feeling when we can be a part of something in our neighborhood and when we do something to help our friends and neighbors. There are many ways to be a good neighbor and for neighbors to help one another — sharing chores, celebrating holidays, showing kindness, being together. MORE >


Entries accepted from June 28 to July 9, 2021

Prize sponsored by Waterman's Landing


Let's discover the many roles of water in our lives and in our community! Explore how water can be fun and refreshing, healthy and life-giving, beautiful and scenic, or conserved and protected. Then, show us what you've found! 


Entries accepted from July 12 to July 23, 2021

Prize sponsored by Animal Ark

Animals are endlessly fascinating. Our animal friends provide us with unconditional love, they amaze us with their abilities, and they make us laugh with their antics. Share your favorite stories, pictures, drawings or videos of animals — real or imaginary!

Submit your contest entries to

 MORE | Weekly Learning Themes with PBS KIDS and PBS Reno

Managing Emotions | May 3-7

With PBS KIDS play, games, and activities, we can help our kids learn how to identify and name feelings, understand causes of emotions, and develop strategies for healthy expression.

Animals in Our World | May 10-14

Whether a child lives in the city or the country, there are lots of ways they can become a creature adventurer and expand their knowledge and understanding of our animal friends.

Measuring | May 17-21

Practice measurement with these fun PBS KIDS videos, math games, and activities.

Get Moving | May 24-28

Bust a move, dance and get the wiggles out! Whether you’re crawling or creeping, hopping, or galloping together, make some time for learning through play.

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