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PBS Reno Camp Curiosity is extending the learning fun this summer with new contest challenges to engage young learners and their families! Find out more about the different contests and find inspiration right here to join in the fun and enter to win great prizes from PBS Reno Kids Club and our community partners.



Entries accepted from May 31 to June 11, 2021:

Honoring family traditions and each family's unique culture is important! But, also remember that you and your family can make new traditions at any time! A family tradition is a pattern of behavior that reflects and reinforces a family’s values, attitudes, or beliefs. Traditions can be daily, weekly, monthly, or reserved for special days of the year. This contest celebrates family traditions. Tell us about your nightly story time, a secret family handshake, your pizza and a movie night, your holiday traditions, or favorite family recipes. 

Explore some more ideas about ways to celebrate your family traditions with the PBS Reno Camp Curiosity collection of PBS KIDS activities below and start creating your entry.

Contest entries can be submitted as videos, photos, stories or illustrations. Kids and their families are encouraged to be creative with how to capture and show your family traditions for the contest!

The Prize:

The winning entry will receive a FREE Alumni Family Summer Camp package for a family of five at Camp Fleischmann from the Boy Scouts of America: Nevada Area Council. Dates for the camp package is July 4-7, 2021. All meals, camp activities (including the waterfront, bow and arrow range, climbing walls, hiking, evening campfires), staff services, and tipis (based upon availability) will be included in the prize. You just need have a tent and transportation. More about the BSA Summer Camp at

Submit your entry of videos, drawings or photos for the FAMILY TRADITIONS Camp Curiosity Contest by 5:00 PM on Friday,  June 11th to!

FAMILY TRADITIONS Contest is sponsored by 
Boy Scouts of America: Nevada Area Council


Singing Family Songs

PBS KIDS | Molly of Denali

Molly 's Grandpa never sings. Molly goes on a mission to find his drum and return his songs to him.

Importance of Family

Boy Scouts of AMerica

Each family does things in its own special way and is made up of its own relationships. It is all of you together that makes up a family!

Arthur's Family History Fun


A simple and fun way to introduce kids to gathering family oral history. In the game, they create a downloadable record of the interview. 

Play Together As A Family

PBS KIDS for Parents

Playing games together — whether they are digital, board, or party games — are a great way to spend time together as a family.

Turn Screen Time into Family Time

PBS KIDS for Parents

Television shows and media have the power to move us. Children — and adults — form special bonds with the characters we see on TV.

Molly's Recipe Book

PBS KIDS | Molly of Denali

Writing a recipe down is a great way to share your favorite foods with others, so they can make them, too!

Submit your entry of videos, drawings or photos for the FAMILY TRADITIONS Camp Curiosity Contest by 5:00 PM on Friday, June 11th to!

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