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PBS Reno Curiosity Classroom uses on air, online, and print resources to help parents, caregivers and childhood educators prepare children for success. Locally, PBS Reno is bringing these resources to communities in northern Nevada and northeastern California through PBS Reno Curiosity Classroom workshops.  PBS Reno Curiosity Classroom workshops are based on the standards and mission of the PBS Ready To Learn initiative.  

PBS Reno offers free Curiosity Classroom workshops specifically developed for PreK through 4th grade students for educators and community educational organizations.  An engaging video clip, a read aloud, and fun hands-on activities are integrated into each workshop.  Lessons are aligned to the Common Core Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and Nevada Academic Content Standards.  All materials are supplied and a trained facilitator will lead the 45 to 60-minute workshop.

An assessment of our Ready To Learn service (conducted in conjunction with the University of Nevada, Reno) indicates there is significant value in spending time in our workshops as they maximize greater learning outcomes through novelty instruction.

For more information about our Education Services and PBS Reno Curiosity Classroom, contact 775-600-0551 or

Curiosity Classroom PreK-4 Workshops

PBS Reno has modified our Curiosity Classroom PreK workshops, including Ready To Learn materials and STEM activities for individual student use. All materials are consumable and not shared. Take a look at the workshops available.

PBS Reno Writers Contest

A local contest designed to promote the advancement of literacy skills through hands-on, active learning with children in grades K-3 submitting their original stories.

Financial Literacy Workshops

Children are introduced to important financial skills. Lessons are aligned to Nevada Department of Education academic standards. Sponsored by Greater Nevada Credit Union.

PBS Reno Curiosity Classroom sponsored in part by
NV Energy