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Curiosity Classroom | Robotics Workshops

We are increasingly dependent upon technology, computers, and the training necessary to compete in a global digital age. PBS Reno Curiosity Classroom workshop curriculum teaches robotics/coding skills that meet Nevada State Computer Science and  Integrated Technology standards. Utilizing our  existing Curiosity Classroom model, a PBS Reno facilitator conducts a STEM-literacy based workshop in a preschool or K-4 elementary classroom setting providing a valuable resource for the teacher and fun hands-on learning for the students.

Curiosity Classroom | Robotics Workshops


What is a robot? Can robots think for themselves? Students will learn that humans have to program robots to do what they want them to do. With the use of robotic animals, students will learn basic coding skills and have the opportunity to program their animal to make it around the classroom.

Curiosity Classroom | Robotics Workshops


There are many types of robots in the world. How do we know if a machine is a robot or not?  Students will learn what makes a robot a robot. Then they get the chance to work with a robot and discover different ways to control and command a robot.

Curiosity Classroom | Robotics Workshops

1st Grade

Can you do the Hokey Pokey? What about the Robot Pokey? Students will program their robot to do this familiar dance. Can they make their robot do the right moves? Can they make their robot keep in time with the music? Let’s be programmers together and have a robot dance party!

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2nd Grade

Imagine what a story would be like if you put the ending first!  Students get to discover the importance of sequencing. With the use of a robot, children will get to make their own sequences to try to get their robot to stay on a path. One wrong step in the sequence and your robot may experience an epic failure!

Curiosity Classroom | Robotics Workshops

3rd Grade

Sensors are working all around us! We see them when a door opens automatically. We see it when paper towels dispense on their own. Sensors might detect light, movement, or sound. Robots use sensors to discover and respond. Students will get to work with a robot to learn to control it using sensors.

Curiosity Classroom | Robotics Workshops

4th Grade

Let’s explore the actual parts that make up a robot.  Students will learn about actuators, sensors, and the robot’s computer brain.  Children will get to build a robot and discover what each part does to make the robot function in the proper way.  Will their robot work when they program it to do tasks?

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