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STEAM Career Connections

Explore! Watch! And Learn! As this 60-75 minute program brings science, technology, engineering, art and math professionals into the classroom to show students how they can explore and prepare for a STEAM career of the future.

Today’s STEAM professionals create virtual worlds, design amazing machines, invent new materials, construct earth-friendly buildings and engineer cutting-edge air vehicles. Hear from a STEAM professional about their educational pathway, what it is they love about their job, and how they really do use that math and science they learned in high school. Follow up the presentation with PBS LearningMedia videos focusing on careers in the science, technology, engineering, art and math fields that you may be interested in pursuing. Start exploring now!

For more information or to schedule a STEAM workshop, please contact Nancy Maldonado, Vice President of KNPB Education Services at or 775.600.0558.

Visit PBS LearningMedia to view videos about different careers in your STEAM areas of interest!

PBS LearningMedia

New Nevada. New Choices. Better Paying Jobs. Faster.

Help the youth of the New Nevada discover the path to a better paying career and a successful life. There are low-cost and quick education options to provide access to this path.

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