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Wild Nevada


This travel-destination series explores the state of Nevada with hosts Chris Orr and Dave Santina investigating points of of interest and unique landmarks.



PBS Reno brings viewers the exciting stories of our region, its artists and the power of their work along with stories from across the country in the series ARTEFFECTS.


In Summer 2020, Classical Tahoe found a way to hold live music performances despite the challenges of the pandemic and the loss of its leader, Maestro Joel Revzen.


Documentaries inspired by the book "The Work of Art: Creativity and the Work Ethic" by Tim Jones, examining the creative process behind cultural experiences.


At the annual Nevada State Poetry Out Loud Finals, Nevada high school students compete to determine the state champion, who will go on to compete in the National Finals.


More PBS Reno Productions:

  • A Conversation
    PBS Reno presents a series of conversations with key voices addressing the critical issues that affect you, Nevada and the nation as a whole.
  • At the Gathering
    Brings the atmosphere of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering from Elko into your living room with performances and interviews about the celebration of cattle cultures in the West and beyond.
  • Community Born: The First 30 Years of PBS Reno
    A retrospective look at how the community in northern Nevada came together to build PBS Reno, how the station has grown and how it now serves the the community.
  • Convection
    The documentary following the Reno fire dance group Controlled Burn as they take their presentation of Playa culture across the state as part of Nevada’s sesquicentennial celebrations.
  • Dr. Kosta Cooking from the Heart
    Creating in the kitchen can be a joy, whether it be traditional family recipes, cookbook favorites, or inspired improvisations. Dr. Kosta Cooking From The Heart introduces us to the kitchen creations of Dr. Kosta Arger — cardiologist, winemaker and gourmet.
  • Healthy Cooking with Dr. Kosta and Dave
    Viewers get to go into the kitchen with noted cardiologist Dr. Kosta Arger and his wine expert friend Dave Preston as they prepare meals that are both heart-healthy and delicious.
  • House with A History
    This nationally distributed series explores the architectural and cultural history of our area through historic homes.
  • Jews in Nevada
    Adapted from the acclaimed book of the same title by John Marschall, this documentary details the supportive role of Jewish merchants and entrepreneurs during Virginia City’s gold and silver bonanza, as well as looking at how Jewish owners of casinos and hotels helped to shape Las Vegas as a tourist destination.
  • KNPB Reports
    Bringing our audience in-depth coverage of public affairs issues and the arts in northern Nevada and northeastern California in a variety of interactive formats.
  • Legends of the Lake
    Looking at the appreciation, beauty, and historical connections that lie beneath the surface of the mahogany rich wonders of classic wooden boats on Lake Tahoe.
  • Living in the Big Empty
    The first PBS Reno High Definition local production introduces us to a few of the many compelling stories and colorful characters who enrich the Great Basin and its landscape.
  • Looking Up from the Bottom
    Nevada is known for being ranked last in the U.S. in a number of important quality of life categories. We take a look at a few of them, such as education and graduation rates, to profile people who are digging their heels in hard in an attempt to pull Nevada from the bottom to the top.
  • Modernist Maverick
    American architect William L. Pereira designed structures and places around the world. Modernist Maverick surveys Pereira's career in architecture, urban planning and design.
  • Open Lines
    A multimedia production that features live call-in programs and an interactive audience for community response and comment to current concerns.
  • Poetry Out Loud
    At the annual Nevada State Poetry Out Loud Finals, Nevada high school students compete to determine the state champion, who will go on to compete in the National Finals.
  • Pylon Chasers
    A lifetime’s worth of exhilarating stories develop eight minutes at a time as man and machine race the wind over the Nevada desert.
  • Reno Historic Races
    Every Spring, vintage car owners from around the country come to Reno-Fernley Raceway to race their valuable classic automobiles.
  • Rangeland Under Fire: Stewards of the Rangeland
    The fourth documentary in the award winning "Stewards of the Rangeland"series, explores the latest challenges faced by our open range food producers, the ranchers, as they fight to escape epic wildfires, battle for resources with wild horses and litigate to protect water and grazing rights in their struggle to fulfill their mission to provide food for the nation.
  • Rangeland Water: Stewards of the Rangeland
    This PBS Reno film in the Stewards of the Rangeland series explores who will get Nevada’s water, the state’s most precious resource, as we march through a new century. Future allocation may determine whether ranchers, rural lifestyle and wildlife give way to urban growth and development.
  • Stewards of the Rangeland
    This PBS Reno produced documentary spotlights livestock management strategies of five northern Nevada ranching families, who make extensive use of Nevada’s public land. Follow along as the ranchers give us an inside look on what it means to be a rancher in the current climate and how each has to tailor their ranch to fit the distinctive environment that is Northern Nevada.
  • The Endangered West: Stewards of the Rangeland
    PBS Reno in partnership with producers Dennis and Gabe Golden present the third documentary in the award winning Stewards of the Rangeland series, focusing on a race against time as environmental scientists use the latest technology to prevent the listing of the Sage-grouse as an endangered species.
  • Tahoe: A Visual History
    A documentary based on the exhibition of the visual history of Lake Tahoe and Donner region on display at the Nevada Museum of Art, including the works of 175 painters, photographers, architects, basket weavers, and sculptors.
  • Virtual Harmony
    A documentary about the convergence of faith and technology being used to celebrate The Carmelite Order on the 500th Anniversary of Saint Teresa’s birth.
  • You Will Always Be With Me
    This documentary feature examines grief in young people, from toddlers to teenagers, and the many unique challenges faced by the kids and those who love them. A Reno-based organization, Solace Tree, is profiled.