Episode 410 – Enjoying Ely:

First up on this trip is the Nevada Northern Railway, where Chris and Dave get to step back in time to the era of steam trains and copper mining — complete with a ride on one of the museum's historic trains. They then head to Cave Lake State Park where they have the chance to meet Ed Spear, a lifetime resident of the area who gives us a little family history at Cave Lake. One of the state park rangers join the crew up to an overlook trail with some fantastic views of the park. After a night's rest in Ely, Chris and Dave take time to wander a bit in town and enjoy the many murals that have become part of the Ely Renaissance. Then, they make a nighttime visit to a real bat cave to see how scientific researchers study bat migration patterns.

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Episode 410: Enjoying Ely

Rating: TV-G

Visiting the Nevada Northern Railroad Museum, Cave Lake State Park and a real bat cave.

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