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Episode 411 – Wendover to Elko:

This trip begins with Chris and Dave making a short jump into Utah to the Wendover Airfield to see the restoration of the Service Club and learn more of the sobering history of the area and its connection to the Enola Gay in the days before its fateful flight over Hiroshima. From there, the episode travels back into the Silver State and west on Interstate 80 to Wells in search of a nearby hot spring. The next morning includes a drive from Elko to Lamoille for a perfect day of learning about the glacial forces behind Lamoille Canyon. At the end of the road in the canyon, Chris and Dave set out on a hike to Lamoille Lake and Liberty Pass.

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Wild Nevada

Episode 411: Wendover to Elko

Rating: TV-G

Visit Wendover Airfield before traveling to a hot spring and then west to Lamoille Canyon.

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