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Episode 406 – Around Reno:

This episode features two days of adventures and activities all around the Reno, NV, area. On the first day of the trip, Dave and Chris visit Washoe Lake State Park, where they have a surprise welcoming party before enjoying a boating excursion. Next, it’s an introduction to the park's equestrian center, where Chris gets to ride the obstacle course. Then, they head out for a brief hike up Deadman’s Creek to a spectacular view of the entire park. The second day of the trip features a snowshoe trek along Chickadee Ridge with outdoor reporter Ben Spillman, complete with visiting Chickadees. Followed by a hike to explore some of the new trails at Ballardini Ranch with author Mike White.

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Wild Nevada

Episode 406: Around Reno

Rating: TV-G

Washoe Lake State Park, snowshoeing on Chickadee Ridge, and a hike at Ballardini Ranch.

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