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Wild NevadaEpisode 506: Goldfield to Tonopah
Rating: TV-G

Enjoying Goldfield history, International Car Forest, the Mizpah Hotel and blacksmithing.

Episode 506 – Goldfield to Tonopah:

Hosts Chris and Dave begin in Goldfield, where new residents are sparking new business. They meet Jeri and Steve Foutz, who share their eclectic gift shop and take them to the historic firehouse, which is stocked with vintage trucks, and the old high school, which is in the process of restoration, but still feels quite haunted inside. The first day of the trip end the day with a stop at the International Car Forest of the Last Church, which provides one of a kind sights. Day two is in Tonopah, starting at the beautifully restored Mizpah Hotel, which boasts some haunts of its own. After touring the notable locations throughout the hotel, they head up the hill to the Tonopah Mining Park, where they take a blacksmithing lesson. 

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