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SNB Collaborates with Arts Organizations to Create a Performing Arts Hub in Reno

Published December 15, 2023

SNB Collaborates with Arts Organizations to Create a Performing Arts Hub in Reno

by Rosine Bena

Sierra Nevada Ballet is thrilled to announce a new expansion to a centrally located, easy access (just off the freeway) new home featuring state-of-the-art and much larger studios, and a collaborative, vibrant arts hub that will redefine the artistic experience for our community. 

The SNB professional company in front of the new SNB home

Sierra Nevada Ballet (SNB) was founded in 2001 and is the professional ballet company for northern Nevada made up of professional ballet dancers who live in our own community. The SNB company artists train and rehearse together three to five days a week all year long, teach, and staff most of the dance schools in our community. In addition to the performing company, SNB has an extensive educational program consisting of the SNB Academy; the Trainee/Apprentice Program; the SNB Educational Outreach Program; the Dancing In The Schools Program; the Boys In Ballet Program; the SNB/Doral Dance Program; the New Choreography Program; the Barbara Land/SNB Rain Forrest Educational Outreach Program, and the SNB Teacher Training Program.

SNB is partnering with Steinway Piano Gallery and Music School; Sierra School of Performing Arts; Silver State Story Tellers; T&L Media; Dr. Jayson Weir; Dance PT Carri Cameron, and local visual artists to create an arts center featuring large studios, a visual arts lobby showcasing works from community artists, and a performance space (theater) for small presentations. This collaboration brings together ballet, musical theater, filmmaking, writing, visual arts, and music – all under one roof.

Families can now immerse themselves in the artistic experience, with the opportunity for students (age 3 through adult) to explore various art forms in a single, dynamic location. Our community can now “Listen, Learn, Dance, Perform, Laugh, Cry, Create and Gather Together” at 500 E. Moana Lane, Reno, NV 89502

Waltz of the Flowers from SNB's 2023 production of Peanutcracker: Photo by Manuel Calderon de la Barca and courtesy of SNB

The wonderful architect George Ghusn is working with SNB to create beautiful, large studios, and the renovations have already begun. SNB studios are scheduled to be completed by January 1, 2024 with offices and other studios to be completed by March 1, 2024 and the performance space completion to follow shortly after. SNB plans to have a small SNB opening celebration in January 2024 followed by a large grand opening celebration (with all collaborating partners) which will be held outdoors and be free to the community in May 2024.  

This exciting arts partnership began with Lamis Pritchard, owner and director of the Steinway Gallery in Reno, who has had the arts collaboration idea for many years. I met Ms. Pritchard through SNB Board member and ballet class piano accompanist Dr. Jason Weir. It took us only two meetings to realize that we had a similar vision and that our organizations would be a great fit to partner together. Lamis started Steinway Piano Gallery in 2006 with six music teachers and now has a staff of nineteen teachers with numerous recitals and concerts throughout the year. She told me, “It has been my dream to partner with fine arts organizations in our community to produce a performing arts center in Reno. My dream is finally becoming a reality.”

I met Janet Lazerus in 2005 when she began Sierra School of Performing Arts with a summer workshop at In Motion Dance School in Reno and asked me to teach a mime class at the workshop. Sierra School of Performing Arts has expanded since then and presents two large productions a year at different indoor venues and an outdoor series at Bartley Ranch in the Summer. Janet is equally enthusiastic about the arts collaboration: “It is exciting that we will all be together in one place. I cannot think of a better partnership.” 

SNB Company in SNB's 2023 production of Peanutcracker: Photo by Manuel Calderon de la Barca and courtesy of SNB

Lyric Burt and Taylor Wilson (who have worked with SNB through T &L Media for several years, in charge of marketing) recently started the nonprofit film making organization Silver State Story Tellers and are looking forward to moving to the new, inspiring location. Lyric expressed it very enthusiastically and beautifully: Silver State Storytellers is thrilled to join forces with Sierra Nevada Ballet, Sierra School of Performing Arts, and Steinway Piano Gallery in crafting an arts and culture hub dedicated to enriching northern Nevada. Together, we aim to amplify the voices of Nevada artists, telling stories that resonate through the transformative power of dance, theater, music, film, photography, visual arts and literature. This collaboration symbolizes our collective commitment to fostering creativity, community, and the vibrant cultural tapestry of our region.”

Once our lobby is completed, SNB will invite selected local visual artists to exhibit and sell their work at different times throughout the year and be part of the collaboration at our new art hub.  

Presently there is a small concert hall in the Steinway Piano Gallery but the new performing arts center plan includes expanding to a larger theater space with a stage in order to be able to include small dance, theater, music, and film presentations throughout the year.    

We are bursting with excitement to share this incredible arts journey with all of you in our community and hope that you will drop by for a visit when we open in 2024. 

For more information about Sierra Nevada Ballet, Sierra Nevada Ballet Academy or our new collaborative arts hub, visit or call SNB at 775-360-8663.

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